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The various documents used for business purposes, also carry your brand and are in fact one of the first vector of communication for companies. Their design should respect the graphic charter of your identity. Graphic design is only the tool to achieve a consistent communication. Whether you need business card design, posters & flyers for an event, a packaging design, our graphic design company can help in every step of your communication.

Jón Kalman Stefánsson

Jón Kalman Stefánsson

Icelandic author

"He who possesses a pencil and paper, has the power to transform the world."

graphic designPrinting your image

Developments in the fields of digital printing allow greater flexibility in the choice of materials and formats. We choose the most suitable support for your needs and budget. Even though we do not print ourself our designs, we work with a wide range of printing services company. For every project, we will select the best partner for you.

packaging designPackaging & Labeling design

The Packaging is an essential step of a product design before the actual distribution. It allows to enclose and protect a product for storage, sale, security or use. In the case of marketing, the packaging and labels are designed specifically to stimulate consumer attention and generate an impulse buy. Most packagings relay the brand/product visual identity, commercial speech and respect the graphic charter.

Follow up

From design to manufacturing, we follow your print communication with accurate graphic designs. From business cards to advertising brochures, signboard to advertising tarpaulin, stickers and flyers, we shall advise you at each and every step in the realization of your documents. Making sure the final printed documents respect the models (color, formats…) is part of our daily jobs.