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Animated Logo


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Product Description

Animated logo are mostly use in the cinema and television broadcasting industry. They open theatrical presentations to let the viewers knows which cinema studio or a video production company was involve in the making of these mass entertainment shows. Most of these creative animation techniques can be applied to an average logo design for a corporate company or small-business production. Indeed, they are frequently found on websites but also at the beginning of corporate movies and videos. In fact, they are a strong way to establish the seriousness and legitimacy of your company.

Animated Logo Design

The animated logo should transmit a strong message an provoke and emotional response. It is the extension of the regular logotype and should tell a story, the story of your company values and professionalism. The Design Studio Asia uses the latest Flash and 3D animation software to animate your corporate identity. In this matter, we propose to our customers two different kind of offers :

Standard Animated Logo

Dynamic Flash animation of your logo without any interactivity or sounds. A standard graphical animation.

Advanced Animated Logo

In the case you wish to animate your logo with user interactions for the web, or incorporate sounds to it in a video presentation for example. An advanced logo animation.