Logotype Design
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Logotype Design


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Product Description

The logo, also known as the logotype, is the the first visual vector of communication to connect with your potential customers and clients. They are almost always use by companies to promote themselves. It allow an immediate recognition of their business, value and identity and it is therefore very important to have it design with great care. A logotype design is very often compose of a graphical element, or symbol, with a word mark. Combine together, those two elements are synonym of trademark.

Designing Logo & Logotype Design

The Design Studio Asia will make sure the Logotype design of your company or brand answer properly your expectations and respect the value and identity of your business. To achieve so, we will need to gather all the information necessary for us to get a good understanding of what your market is. We will then issue up to six different pre-designs. The next step is to finalize the pre-design that you prefer best.