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Your website is part of your identity, it conveys your image and values. It is therefore very important to have a web design with unique graphics for your website. Our team is here to help you and guide you to the web design solution that best match your needs.

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil

Author, scientist, inventor, futurist

“Play is just another version of work”

The web design services we provide can be associated with 2 main categories of site :

  • Static Web design : Your business card on the web presenting your activities and locations (edit of the content can be done only by a web-master)
  • Dynamic Web design : Blog, e-commerce with “Back Office” administration, allowing you to update your site daily with new articles, pages, change photo, add video, text editing, new products…

Support and training in web technologies

The Design Studio Asia delivers comprehensive training in the use of your site to unleash the creative potential of your company. We will bring you to an autonomous management of your site through simple and intuitive dynamic interfaces.

web designe-Commerce web design

Want to increase your sale and go on-line? Whether you have a large or a small catalog with a limited number of products, we can pick the right hardware set-up relative to your needs. We provide clear, efficient administrable interfaces (more than 300 eCommerce oriented functions to help you optimize your website and develop your sales without any effort). Get trained in the use of those tools and It won’t take long before you can run your on-line business autonomously and generate revenues.

Businesses & Blogs web design

Some businesses have no need for eCommerce but require to publish new content to their website very often. Real estate agent, restaurants, car/motorbike dealers have no choice but to broadcast as much as they can, products that comes and goes all the time. On-line presence is essential for them. Let us shape the future dimension of your company with comprehensive tools for business owners.


To be seen and well ranked on specific keywords researches and for several search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo) is a crucial need to reach new prospects. The Design Studio Asia offers a dual strategy to maximize your visibility on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental discipline, a real background work to make your site S.E.O. “friendly” to search engines. Improvement in the ranking on search engines can be achieved  :

  • Local and fast hosting : in your area of ​​activity to quickly display your website anywhere in Asia.
  • Net linking : Increase the reputation of your domain name (Page Rank) by creating different sort of back-links on related sites (same lexical field. Publications of articles on Blog and forum…).
  • Social medias management : Creating accounts on different social networks and being an active user (Twitter, FB, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr…)
  • Content Optimization : it is always preferable to analyze the competition and keywords that may bring you much traffic, before getting into the web design. From this analysis, we can carefully create the different pages of your website and optimize them for S.E.O.

Search engines optimization and marketingSearch Engine Marketing (S.E.M.)

It is not always possible to optimize the ranking of a website in search engines. Especially when the keywords targeted are very numerous. It is therefore important to have a complementary strategy in addition to the S.E.O.

On line marketing requires advertisement campaigns on several search engines, first to generate traffic and secondly, generate revenue. Search Engine Marketing is unavoidable when launching of a new website with a fresh domain name. There are 2 typical cases for which S.E.M. actions are essentials :

Branding Strategy

Develop your brand and increase your company notoriety. A strategy on the long run, where the effects of R.O.I. are indirect and can sometimes take several months to pay off.


Provide maximum visibility to the products you sell and control monthly the conversion rates (number of visits generated by S.E.M. / Sales campaigns). Refine your adds and selection of keywords to increase your conversion rate.